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Pig's welfare: cut and thrust between EU Animal Rights Activists and Parma Ham producers

According to the Consortium the purpose is not the protection of animals, but attacking the brand reputation

Cut and thrust between animal rights activists and producers of the Parma Ham Consortium on the welfare of bred pigs. The accusations of practices at the limit of the crime of maltreatment made yesterday by Eurogroup for Animals and Lav, has immediately taken the defense of pig farmers, who feel "denigrated and defamed". "For some years now there has been a disparaging and defamatory campaign against Parma ham carried out by some animal welfare associations, which systematically and at regular intervals spread shocking images, inviting the consumer to stop buying our product. The real purpose of this campaign does not seem to be to protect animals, but to attack the good name of Prosciutto di Parma ». It is the position of the Consortium in question after the complaints of EU animal welfare associations on mistreatment in some pig farms for the production of typical Emilian salami. "The Consortium - reads the note of the same subject - reiterates that none of its 145 associated producers has ever been reported or convicted of maltreatment of animals and we strongly urge the authors of the shoot to make known the names and immediately report the farms involved in their investigation in order to allow the competent Authorities to proceed with the necessary checks. The images, shot by the association Animal Beings in Intensive Farms in the Province of Brescia, Cremona and Mantua, would be the tail cut as a routine, overcrowding and sanitary and veterinary conditions to the limit. "It is a prime example of national inertia and EU regulators when strong economic interests clash with animal welfare, attacks the Danish MEP Jeppe Kofod (S & D), chairman of the Wellness Group Intergroup animal of the European Parliament - there is no excuse to wait any longer, this kind of practices must cease as soon as possible ". The dossier of complaint is based on six different surveys, which do not cover all the Parma ham, but also other Italian cured meats, including San Daniele ham.

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