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Colussi Ermes becomes yankee

Middleby Corporation buys the brand the produces washing systems for the food industry

'We have thought and reflected for years about this decision, but it's for the best. For the brand, to make it grow further, and for my family, of which not only my children are part of, but also 200 employees'. Torn between proudness and commotion, this is what Giovanni Battista Colussi explains the reasons for the decision: selling his company, Colussi Ermes originally of Casarsa della Delizia, brand founded by his father Ermes to the American brand Middleby Corporation.

Middleby Corporations has took over 100% of the company's assets, whose guide still is in the hands of the Colussi family, with Giovanni Colussi as honorary president and his children Andrea and Chiara as CEOs. The American label completes its line of gear and systems to offer to clients. 'They were missing the sanitization process', while Colussi Ermes was missing a global partner able to induce them to new markets.

'They were the ones who contacted us, and this makes us very proud - admits Colussi-. We have shared goals', other than some warranties, such as the maintenance of the productive actives in Friuli, which include 2 factories, that employ 150 direct employees and other 50 in satellite activities. 

'Thanks to Middleby we're facing a global market, a business making 4 billion dollars of revenue and that boasts 10 thousand employees, but that still has enormous growth potential - the entrepreneur goes on-. I believe this is benefiting for the territory, the families, for everyone really. Our machinery is present everywhere in the world, with what that involves, even in terms of compliance with executive and functioning laws that change from country to country' says Colussi.

Revenue for 50 million euros yearly, 80% of this number is made overseas, from Europe to the US, from Australia to Canada. "Behind the food safety of products there is a Colussi Ermes equipment - the 72-year-old entrepreneur proudly emphasizes - which has the task of ensuring the washing of the products and their healthiness". Strange products to consumers, from Parmigiano Reggiano to Grana Padano, passing through San Daniele or Parma hams.
Colussi maintains confidentiality on the value of the operation, "which, it is clear - he says - has no economic reasons: we have always invested in the company which for me and my family is sacred to be safeguarded and to which a future must be guaranteed" . 

The debut took place fifty years ago, in 1973, "with a plant designed and built to wash San Daniele hams - the entrepreneur remembers -. From there we extended the business, also entering sectors other than food" such as healthcare, automotive or logistics. Last but not least, there was the creation of a real research and development center. "A new 500 square meter complex, equipped with testing facilities and dedicated personnel", concludes Colussi.

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