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Real estate, Dea Capital RE creates first pan-European fund

Collection objective of up to € 500 M, to invest in offices and assets for hospitality and retail use

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has announced the establishment of its first pan-European fund dedicated to institutional investors: DeA Capital Real Estate Investment Fund I, with a collection target of up to € 500 million. The Fund, governed by Luxembourg law (RAIF), will invest in the main European markets, in properties for office use and, to a lesser extent, in hospitality and retail assets. 

The investment strategy of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR - explains a note - is that of the built to core which, by capturing the current market trends, offers investors the opportunity to defend themselves from rising inflation and to make the most of the their real estate investment. At the heart of the asset allocation strategy is in fact the transformation and requalification of the Fund's assets into core products, with profitable rental positions, tenants of high standing, attention to the environmental, social and energy sustainability characteristics of the buildings, which have now become a priority for managers and investors. 

"This pan-European esg fund with a built to core strategy responds perfectly to a diversification of risk across different markets - stated Emanuele Caniggia, Head of real estate at DeA Capital - and to a medium-long term goal of real estate investment evolution, succeeding to combine stability of yields and improvement of energy and social sustainability. We are very proud of the top-level teams we have in all countries and of being able to put them at the service of our investors in a common project". 

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is part of the DeA Capital Platform, the leading Italian independent operator in Alternative Asset Management for assets under management, with Combined Assets Under Management equal to approximately € 26.7 billion in the Real Estate, Credit, Private Equity sectors and Multi Asset / Multi Manager Solutions. Thanks to the European presence of the DeA Capital platform, the new DeA Capital Real Estate Investment Fund I will be able to make use of investment management teams, within the group, active in the area and with a deep knowledge of the real estate markets in Spain, France, Poland and Germany.

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