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Artificial intelligence creates the first personal sommelier

Iwcb achieves the personal gpt sommelier who advises how to pair wine and food

Artificial intelligence is also making its way into the world of wine. The Italian personal sommelier was born from Ai, who advises which wine to pair with certain foods or which dishes to pair with the bottles kept in the cellar. The Personal gpt sommelier, created using the Gpt, the Generative pre-training transformer which allows you to create language models capable of answering questions in a similar way to a human being.

The technology used by the IWCB will assist wine-lovers in a personalized way when choosing a wine, answering their questions in a natural, competent and fluid way. According to a note from the Iwcb, the Personal gpt sommelier can also be given a name: the personal sommelier, among other things, will remember what his client drank and ate based on his previous suggestions.

The technology is the first of its kind and it was developed by Iwcb, the Italian wine crypto bank, a registered trademark owned by The I Factor Ltd, a company based in Hong Kong that has been operating for more than 12 years in the promotion, marketing and trade of Italian wines and foods all over the world.

"The technology will be available as a world preview next March, for members of the Nft Privilege Club of the Bg3.0 Wine Bank which will open in Bergamo", explains Davide Casalin , CTO of IWCB and CellarMetaverse.

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