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Pizza Hut takes the record for the largest pizza from Italy

In Los Angeles, in a hangar, they baked a giant of 1,300 square meters

The United States snatches from Italy the record for the largest pizza in the world, which now measures 1,300 square metres. The Guinness Book belongs to Pizza Hut which decided to prepare a gigantic 1,300 square meter pizza, celebrating the return to the market of its Big New Yorker with cheese and pepperoni.

According to a press release from Pizza Hut, it took a hangar, three days of work, 6,193 kilos of pasta (over 6.1 tons), 2,244 kilos of sauce (more than 2.2 tons), just under 4 tons of cheese and 630,496 slices of salami. A team of people spread individual squares of pizza dough on a huge surface of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Later on a cooking device passed over the dough and cooked it on duty.

As soon as the record was certified by Guinness World inspectors , more than 68,000 slices of the entire pizza were donated to food banks and charities.

By this giant, Pizz Hut snatched the Guinness scepter from the Roman pizza makers who in 2012 created the colossal Ottavia pizza, 1,261.55 square meters, gluten-free with over 9,000 kilos of flour per 40 meters in a pavilion of the Rome Fair in diameter. It was composed of 5,234 slabs of dough assembled on the plate and cooked together on site, topped with 4,000 kg of tomato, 4,000 kg of mozzarella for pizza, 190 kg of oil, 675 kg of margarine, 250 kg of sea salt, and a total weight of 23,250 kg.

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