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Europe. Ifoam's complaint: non-organic products passed off as "green"

The association sues the French ecological transition agency

Ifoam Organics Europe, the EU organic sector association, and its French affiliate are suing the Paris Ecological Transition Agency and a group of companies that use the "eco-score" label to denote eco-friendly food products compatible. The associations contest the brand because it "illicitly associates the diminutive "Eco" with certified non-organic products", says a note. Furthermore, this can lead to confusion among consumers between "conventional and organic production".

According to Ifoam, the label recommended by the French government "favors an intensive and conventional production rather than a transition of production systems towards processes that respect the environment and biodiversity".

The association also appealed to the French patent court to have the trademark annulled. An EU proposal on "green claims", to regulate companies' use of definitions such as "sustainable" and "eco" to promote their products, is expected by the end of March.

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