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War of duties: China against US sorghum

Anti-dumping measures for American cereal

Don’t stop the commercial fight between China and the United States. This time the war of duties between the two countries is exacerbated by the Beijing government, which will impose temporary anti-dumping deposits on the United States' revenues starting today. The Chinese government has said that the cereal will be subject to a 178.6% tariff. The Ministry of Commerce explained in an "improperly low" order: that is why the US reasons, is subject to a duty to cover the anti-dumping measures, when the investigation is completed.

China is the world's largest importer of American sorghum, with about $ 4.8 million last year, worth about $ 957 million. This type of cereal is particularly useful for feeding livestock and making a very popular liquor in China.

The new move in Beijing has entered the tariff war initiated by the Trump administration with the imposition of new tariffs on steel and aluminum business in the US. A protectionist turn to which Beijing had made a commitment in turn on 128 American products worth 3 billion dollars.

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