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Signorvino conquers La Giuva in Valpolicella

The brand of the Calzedonia group acquires the cellar of the former football coach Malesani

Sandro Veronesi is the founder and patron of the Calzedonia Group as well as creator of the Signorvino brand, the new owner of the Cantina La Giuva, in Valpolicella, a historic winery producing native wines from the Trezzolano area, in the upper Val Squaranto, owned by the former coach of football Alberto Malesani . The winery is located in the hills north of Verona, a few kilometers from the Lessinia Park: the area falls within the Valpolicella denomination of origin area, at an altitude of approximately 350 meters above sea level.

With the purchase, in fact, the Calzedonia group embarks on a new path in the wine sector, exploiting the Signorvino canal as a showcase in the main Italian cities. The new ownership will continue the collaboration with Malesani in the development of the project, enhancing the area and the work already done by the former football coach. All the references of the cellar will be present in Signorvino's cellar.

With the new entry in full Valpolicella, the Calzedonia Group now owns three wineries: in addition to La Giuva, the other two are located in Lazio, with the ambition of relaunching the wines of the Castelli Romani. The cellar is that of Tenimenti Leone where the group owns, near Lanuvio, about 30 hectares of vineyards plus 20 hectares of olive grove with native (Cesanese, Malvasia puntinata) and international (Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah) varieties. The second is a new winery in Sardinia, where the group has purchased 16 hectares in one unit and planted another 10 hectares of vineyards near Alghero, in the area of the Guardia Grande natural park.

"We have achieved our objectives in Lazio and this pushes us even more to think of being able to invest in the regions of Southern Italy as well - explains Federico Veronesi , Signorvino member board of directors -. We are ready for a new phase of development of the Signorvino brand: in 2023 we will open 10 new premises and we will land abroad for the first time, in particular in France and the Czech Republic in the first place (Paris and Prague), and then continue in other countries that we consider strategic".

Signorvino in 2022 exceeded the turnover forecast with a turnover of over 55 million Euros, and 1,800,000 bottles sold in retail, bottles served at the table and by the glass: the significant contribution of the e-commerce channel which closed the 2022 with a +50% revenue compared to 2021.

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