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Brazil: Lula reinstates the National Food Council

The organ had been deactivated by his predecessor Bolsonaro in 2019

The return of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva at the helm of Brazil continues to mark elements of discontinuity with respect to the previous government. The last of the important measures is the restoration of the National Council for Food and Nutritional Security (Consea), the body that oversees the monitoring and evaluation of public policies for food and the fight against hunger. Consea had been dismantled by former president Jair Bolsonaro at the start of his term in 2019. "Fighting hunger is a very serious matter", Lula said during Consea's reopening ceremony at the Planalto presidential palace, deploring the waste and food imbalances. The president signed the decree updating the functioning of the Consea and the interministerial chamber of food and nutrition security (Caisan), which will be composed of 24 ministries. In the new configuration of the federal government, the Consea will integrate the structure of the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

Lula asked the Ministry of Agricultural Development to discuss plans to increase food production and return to the minimum price policy to avoid losses to rural workers. “Let's make sure that if people produce in excess, the government will buy that food to distribute it where it needs it - promised the president -. We will try to make a big comparison, not only with family farming, but we have 4.6 million properties with less than 100 hectares, and we must urge these people to increase the production of healthy food”, the president added, noting that "Obesity and the consumption of processed foods is another problem that needs to be tackled in the country".

Founded in 1993 by then President Itamar Franco, Consea was replaced two years later by the Comunidade Solidária program launched by his successor Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Lula reinstated it in 2003, shortly after his first election, while Bolsonaro deactivated it four years ago, considering it a useless body in the fight against hunger.

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