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EU: record agri-food flows in 2022 with 36.9 billion euros

Exports at +17%, imports at 34%. Trade balance at 53.5 billion euro /Attachment

In November 2022, the European Union's agri-food trade flows reached the record figure of 36.9 billion euros. Since the beginning of last year, therefore, the EU agri-food trade has reached 369 billion euros, with an increase of 23% compared to the period January-November 2021. This is what emerges from the latest monthly report drawn up by the European Commission on the subject.

Agri-food exports from EU countries increased by 17%, while imports in the same sector increased by 34%, with a trade balance of 53.5 billion euros.

Agri-food exports rose slightly (+2%) in October 2022 compared to the previous month, while for the first eleven months of the year (January-November 2022) the same type of exports reached 211 billion euros. Also between January and November, wheat exports increase, primarily to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, exports of pork, cereals and vegetable oils to China and, in general, to Russia fell.

In terms of imports, mainly corn (+9 million tons), soybean cakes (+737 thousand tons) and rape seeds (+1.3 million tons) grew.

At the end of this EFA News , detailed data on trade in November provided by the European Commission.

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