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Expired or low-quality food for Ukrainian soldiers: Kiev investigates

After complaints from the armed forces soldiers, the Ministry of Defense sends an inspection

Expired or poor quality food, and supplies made with considerable delay: this is what the Ukrainian armed forces complain about in the numerous complaints presented to the authorities. So much so that the Ministry of Defense sent unscheduled inspections to the warehouses of some military units in the east of the country, finding violations in the quality, quantity and timing of deliveries by the company that won the contract for the supply of food for precisely to the soldiers. The defense ministry itself spread the news in these hours in a note, which among other things underlines that the person who wanted to order the investigation following the military's complaints about the quality of food was Deputy Defense Minister V Italy Polovenko , together with anti-corruption council member Gennady Krivosheya .

The inspection, the statement continues, ascertained that the foodstuffs were not delivered within the agreed times and their quality did not meet the standards. Among other things, Polovenko reports, " due to delays in deliveries, food supplies have become insufficient in some areas".

The problem is serious. And the company that won the contract, in addition to the termination of the contract (according to which the foods must be of high quality and their supply carried out constantly), now also risks having to return the funds received and reimburse damages. Sanctions will also be foreseen, the note concludes.

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