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Andriani: Daniele Camicia is the new general manager

The appointment coincides with the rapid international rise of the italian company

With twenty years of experience in extraordinary finance operations serving Italian family-run SMEs, gained mainly in UBS, Daniele Camicia joins Andriani SpA Società Benefit as general manager. His arrival coincides with the rapid growth process underway at the Apulian headquarters, accelerated by the partnership signed at the end of 2022 with Nuo SpA and guided by a new Industrial Plan based on increasing brand awareness, penetration of international markets and a significant growth in the workforce, turnover and investments, aimed at consolidating the company's position as a leader in the food transition on a global scale.

Andriani, which in 2023 exceeded 100 million in turnover and is preparing to inaugurate a new production site in Canada of around 6,000 m2 this year, aims to become the point of reference for healthy food, also promoting new and more responsible food models and the now consolidated principles of sustainability towards its stakeholders. Just to name a few: the valorization and attraction of talent, the consolidation of its Value Network, the co-evolution of production chains and the achievement of Carbon Neutrality by 2025.

Camicia will lead a C-level team recently integrated by senior profiles from various multinationals, who have chosen to put their professionalism and experience at the service of the Andriani Group, motivated by its innovative and regenerative business practice, unique in the Italian agro panorama -industry.

Michele Andriani , president and CEO of Andriani SpA Società Benefit, welcomed Camicia by declaring: “In recent years we have had the opportunity to work with Daniele and this has allowed us to fully understand how important human capital is in companies . His professionalism, his integrity and his far-sighted vision were welcomed as further ingredients necessary for the completion of the Group's growth phase already underway. We are certain that Daniele will be able to guide and help the whole team to translate passion and innovation into concrete actions, in favor of prosperity for the common good. He will do so with great awareness and positive energy, fundamental to face difficult challenges and achieve very ambitious objectives in a macroeconomic context that is anything but simple."

The new general manager Camicia echoes this: “The strong sense of belonging to the Andriani family that I have developed in recent years has allowed me to naturally seize the opportunity to join the Group. We are faced with a growth path that is as challenging as it is virtuous, which we have the duty to face with a great sense of responsibility towards the entire supply chain, from suppliers to consumers. We will fuel our resilience through continuous innovation, talent and a strong and attentive work culture."

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