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Pepsico closes with Dorito’s transgender testimonial, Samantha Hudson

The multinational rips the contract after discovering that the influencer had posted offensive comments

In the United States, consumers lead, at least in advertising campaigns. This is demonstrated by the campaigns, now historic, Bud Light beers that have unleashed the ire of Yankee drinkers for the effigy of the transgender testimonial Dylan Mulvaney. Now he joins the ranks of brands that are subject to the impositions of their customers also PepsiCo who decided to close the partnership with the spanish transgender influencer Samantha Hudson testimonial of the brand of chips Doritos. The decision to cut ties was made after a series of sexist and offensive posts made by Hudson in 2015 re-emerged on X, which was 9 years ago.

Marketing officials dealing with the Doritos brand in Spain were working on a "content series" with Hudson, pepsico said in a statement. According to other press sources, the two parties were developing a series of promotional videos called "Crunch Talks". A spokesperson for the Doritos brand in Spain said: "After the campaign started, we were made aware of Samantha Hudson’s deleted tweets around 2015. We stopped the relationship and stopped all campaign related activities because of the comments. We strongly condemn words or actions that promote violence or sexism of any kind". 

The brand had posted a video on Instagram with the influencer on sunday, march 3, 2024: the video was then removed last Monday, March 11, when the incriminating posts resurfaced, according to a spokesman for PepsiCo. According to the leaders of the multinational, however, the move was not made because the Hudson is transgender but is linked exclusively to the derogatory nature of his past observations.

Responding to the incriminating posts and surfacing on X, the influencer said she had "already apologized" for the comments "a few years ago", adding that the posts had been made "with the intention of attracting attention using very unpleasant topics which are totally inappropriate, unpleasant and offensive. I take responsibility for what I wrote -added the now former testimonial of PepsiCo- but I can not help but express how unfair it seems to me that a person is judged so exorbitantly for some publications he made nine years ago, when he was still a minor".

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