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Intesa Sanpaolo: 120 billion euro growth plan

Target on SMEs, micro-companies, third sector, food chains and tourism

"Quality is the key element for every sector", explains Stefano Barrese, head of the Banca dei Territori Division of the banking group.

Intesa Sanpaolo launches "Your future is our enterprise", the new program that provides 120 billion euros until 2026 for SMEs, micro-companies, third sector, agri-food chains and tourism. The objective is to encourage new investments for Italian competitiveness by accelerating the dynamics of good performance of the production system and ensuring the immediate activation of sustainable and long-term strategies. A series of interventions that are part of the Group’s actions in support of the achievement of the objectives set in the PNRR, for which a total of more than 410 billion euros have been allocated, as announced by the ceo Carlo Messina.

The program was presented this morning in Milan in an event that involved guests from the world companies such as Luca Businaro, ceo of Novation Tech, Massimo Perotti, president and ceo of Sanlorenzo, and Josè Rallo, ceo of Donnafugata, as well as Valerio Perinelli, chief business officer of Sace. For Intesa Sanpaolo, the executive director of sales&marketing enterprises Anna Roscio explained in detail the commercial initiative while the chief economist Gregorio De Felice presented the scenario for companies aiming for growth.

With the new programme "Your future is our enterprise", the Bank intends to accelerate the transformation processes necessary for industrial renewal, energy transition and digital enterprises, facilitating their access to the new Pnrr measures. Thanks to the renewed synergy with Sace and other institutional entities, the investment opportunities and advantages for companies will be amplified by the measures implemented by Intesa Sanpaolo. After successfully concluding Motore Italia, the 50 billion Euros plan developed in 2021 to support the post-recovery Sme pandemic, the new action of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, led by Stefano Barrese, now focuses on three priority areas:

  • Transition 5.0 and Energy. The regulatory framework of the Transition 5.0 plan guarantees about 13 billion Euros of tax credits against the achievement of energy efficiency targets. Together with its partners and Sace, Intesa Sanpaolo has implemented dedicated and facilitated financing solutions, consultancy for access to tax concessions and the issue of related certifications and training with the aim of integrating competitiveness and sustainability thanks to new investments for development, saving and energy production aimed at efficient consumption. Always on the energy front and with reference to the Pnrr measure relating to incentives for Renewable Energy Communities, the first Italian group provides dedicated solutions for shared energy also in the form of collective self-consumption, with specific and facilitated funding, as well as advisory models for the construction of new innovative systems aimed at saving energy.
  • Foreign development and new markets. The redefinition of export geographies and the geopolitical situation are essential to accompany the strong propensity of companies to export excellence "made in Italy". Intesa Sanpaolo supports financial solutions and the expertise of its specialized structures. Thanks to its strong and widespread international presence, the Group provides for the identification of the best product sectors and new potential markets - in particular Eastern Europe, India and the United Arab Emirates - as well as offering specific training courses.
  • Digital Progress and Security. Digital processes and skills are strategic for competitiveness, but at the same time adequate security systems are indispensable for the protection of the customer, the company and growth. For companies looking to new businesses, the Bank has developed security and financial instruments, including the new Cyber Loan. Thanks to its partners and the esg Laboratories present throughout Italy, Intesa Sanpaolo involves companies in qualified digital training courses. 

    "Companies that invest today can carve out an important competitive advantage in the near future. Our role is to activate financial resources and dedicated instruments to accompany investment choices and to seize the opportunities of the Pnrr and the Transition 5.0 -said Stefano Barrese, Head of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo-. We address more than 1.2 million customers among SMEs and smaller companies, for all we want to stimulate a relaunch approach towards growth with new means and new shared objectives. The business world is facing a technological, digital, geographical and generational repositioning in a medium - long-term logic and Intesa Sanpaolo is ready to support it with a 120 billion plan from now until 2026".

"The key element is that each sector must play the game on quality -added Barrese-. This country cannot be a country for mass-market, we must be a country with a significant positioning in terms of services and products that we usually call private affluent: the right positioning must be that, because the dimension in the world-wide numerical ones of the customers regardless of the geographies will be always greater. This means that ever greater geographies enter a perimeter of countries that have a dimension as an economy and as a significant size and we must look at these countries".

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