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Tap to pay, the new frontier of cashless

Allows merchants and restaurateurs to accept payments without additional devices

SumUp, a fintech company active in the digital payments industry with innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, has added "Tap to pay" to its ecosystem of payment solutions for Italian customers, which can be used on iPhone. Using Tap to Pay on iPhone, merchants can accept "easily and securely" all types of contactless payments, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets. 

To use it, merchants only need an iPhone and the free SumUp iOs app, without the need for any additional hardware or physical device: to start using Tap to pay, the official note stresses, "Merchants can simply install the SumUp app from the Apple App Store and create a business account". The availability of this solution "allows merchants, even those who manage smaller or newly started businesses, to accept contactless payments anywhere thanks to a compatible iPhone and the SumUp iOS app". 

Tap to pay on iPhone uses iPhone security and privacy features to keep your business and customer data safe: when a payment is processed, your card information is not stored on your phone or Apple servers. The service is available to owners of an iPhone XS or later, on which the latest version of iOS is installed.

The new device, she adds, "is also the ideal option for very small businesses that want to expand and are considering payment solutions, alongside other business tools": In addition, "can complement and extend an existing cash register and be used, for example, by staff directly at the tables of a restaurant". 

"After the success of the Apple App Store and Apple Retail Store in other European markets, we are pleased to work with Apple to launch Tap to Pay on iPhone in Italy -said Luke Griffith, chief commercial officer of SumUp-. Now even small merchants can accept contactless payments anywhere, at no additional cost: it is enough to own a compatible iPhone and have the SumUp app for iOS. This service represents a significant step in the democratization of digital payments, an industry in which SumUp has been a pioneer and leader for over a decade".

"In just a few minutes -Griffith says- business owners of all sizes can accept contactless payments on their iPhones easily and securely by downloading the SumUp app for free. This new feature is a breakthrough especially for our traders, who operate in dynamic environments and need a quick and efficient solution. We’re confident that Tap to Pay on iPhone will profoundly transform the way businesses interact with their customers today and in the future".

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