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Coca Cola ready to invest 175 million dollars in Kenya

Over the next 5 years funding to accelerate capacity expansion of the Coca Cola system in East Africa

Coca-Cola will invest 175 million dollar in Kenya over the next five years. This was stated by the same multinational through the Coca-Cola system in Kenya, composed of The Coca-Cola Company and its authorized bottler Coca-Cola Beverages Africa: the total amount, underlines the system of the multinational in Kenya, depends on the achievement of the expected growth targets in the country. The Coca-Cola system directly employs about 10,000 people in East Africa: it also collaborates with over 500,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya and the African region.

"The Coca-Cola system has been an integral part of Kenya’s landscape for over 75 years -explains Sunil Gupta, ceo of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa-. We are excited to announce our intention to strengthen this legacy through substantial investment. The investment aims to accelerate the expansion of the capacity and skills of the Coca-Cola system in the next five years. Our decision to invest underlines our confidence in the long-term potential of Kenya’s economy".

"Our value chain -Gupta continues- supports over a million people in distribution, sales and other roles. We get almost 8,000 tons of mango puree from farmers in East Africa. We believe in the potential of the region and its ability to achieve significant growth through collaboration between the public and private sectors. Our business in Kenya is focused on a local approach: we hire locally, produce locally, distribute locally and source locally".

"We are optimistic and fully committed to the future of Kenya -adds Luisa Ortega, president of the Africa Operations Unit of The Coca-Cola Company. We anticipate great social and economic progress, and that is why we continue to invest in our activities in Kenya and in community programs that contribute to strengthening the country’s prosperity".

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the eighth Coca-Cola bottling partner in the world in terms of turnover and the largest on the continent. It accounts for over 40% of all Coca-Cola products sold in Africa in volume terms. With over 18,000 employees in Africa, CCBA serves more than 720,000 customers with a range of international and local brands. 

The group was born in July 2016 from the union of the bottling activities in South and East Africa of the soft drinks companies of The Coca-Cola Company, Sabmiller plc and Gutsche Family Investments. The shareholders of CCBA are currently: The Coca-Cola Company 66.5% and Gutsche Family Investments 33.5%. CCBA operates in 15 countries, including the six key markets of South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and Namibia, as well as Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, the Comoros and Mayotte Islands, Eswatini, Lesotho and Malawi.

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