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Tractors in Brussels/2. Von der Leyen in the crosshairs: "She want us slaves"

Around 500 agricultural vehicles gathered at Heysel, including about ten Italians

Firecrackers thrown, some shouts of anger towards the European institutions but no accidents, nor any moments of real tension. The key moment of yet another farmers' demonstration in Brussels (read EFA News ) occurred around midday, with the gathering in Laken park, where some of the demonstrators took the stage from various Eurosceptic right-wing formations (Flemish, Polish and Spanish in particular).

Subsequently, a delegation of around 10 tractors out of the 500 who attended went to the European quarter, where the EU institutional buildings are located. According to the Belgian police, the number of demonstrators amounts to around 1200. The main European acronyms, represented in Brussels by Copa-Cogeca, did not take part in the initiative.

About ten tractors from the delegation of Italian farmers, led by Salvatore Fais and Guido Marini. " Ursula (von der Leyen, ndr) and her friends with nice ties have tried in every way to enslave us but we don't give up", he said from the stage of the Fais demonstration, recalling that, on the occasion of the European elections, farmers have "we have the duty to give a signal strong, we want a policy that doesn't think about jackets and ties but that has dirty hands from our work".

"They accused us of polluting the earth, your skies, your cities, we were told to produce less, unfair competition without limits was imposed on us, we were forced to be part of a Europe but the wrong one , the one that should guarantee a fair income in all states and instead has pitted us against each other", concluded Fais , exhorting: "European farmers, only together can we change our destiny, united we win".

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