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Ferrero on the podium among the most beloved brands by European consumers

Kinder in 2nd place in the report Brand Footprint Europe 2024 by Gfk and Kantar: in the top 20 Barilla and Mulino Bianco

Ferrero, but also Mulino Bianco and Barilla. These are the three Italian brands that stand out in the top 20 of the Brand Footprint Europe 2024 report edited by Gfk and Kantar that ranks the brands of consumer goods in Europe most loved by consumers, those who achieved the best performance in 2023. The report is part of the Global Brand Footprint series created in collaboration with Kantar Worldpanel, which gave rise to this comprehensive report ten years ago. 

Data is collected globally from 62 markets and five continents, analyzing more than 42,000 consumer brands and covering 76% of the world’s population. The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the preferences of shoppers towards the brands measured by the drp index, ie Consumer reach point (translated would be: point of arrival of the consumer), processed on the basis of population penetration and purchase frequency.

In this latest report, CPS gfk closely analyzes the performance of consumer goods brands in Europe in 2023, in a particularly challenging market environment. As the official statement explains, "since more than 63% of the basket of a European consumer is spent on regional and local brands, these certainly deserve special attention". In addition to highlighting winners and newcomers, the report also looks at opportunities for brands to regain the limelight. We analyzed the regional and category specificities and collected success stories of some winning brands in Europe.

Well, looking at the ranking of the latest report just published, as we said 3 of the 20 brands of mass consumption most chosen by European consumers are Italian. Let’s talk about Kinder, in second place: in 2023 the historic Ferrero brand increased the CRP by 4.2% obtaining the best result among the 20 top brands in Europe, in particular winning in times of choice. For the record, beyond the borders, in first place in the ranking in Europe there is Coca Cola, for a decade on the top step of the podium both globally and Europe: reaching 65% penetration, the brand has entered 2 European families out of 3 in the last year, an unparalleled result. 

Two other bishops of Made in Italy stand out for their performance in the top 100: it is Barilla, in 15th place, with a CRP of -4.3% and Mulino Bianco, 16 with CRP -1.7%. Just out of the top 20 is Nutella, who last year climbed three positions climbing to the 21st place with a slightly negative figure of CRP (-0.1%). 

Among the top hundred there are other Italian brands: Aia, which has made a jump of 15 positions with an increase of 5.6% of CRP, mainly due to the growth of consumer choices (+4.6%). Mutti (canned tomato) rises by 20 positions, reaching 92 place, with an increase of 7.8% of the CRP, thanks to +4% of penetration and +3% of consumer choices, while Divella (pasta) rises by 28 positions, reaching 96. place, with an increment of 11% of the Crp and of +6.7% of the penetration..

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