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Nestlé: the new frontier of protein foods is expanding

Destined for the Latin American market, Maggi Rindecarne satisfies vegans and meat lovers

Nestlé is committed to developing accessible foods and drinks, including nutritious plant proteins that help people achieve adequate and balanced diets. In line with this principle, the group launched Maggi Rindecarne, a tasty plant-based meat alternative. The soy and spice mix allows consumers to prepare a dish that combines meat and plant proteins, doubling the amount of servings at an affordable price.

By adding Maggi Rindecarne to the minced meat, the prepared dish maintains its nutritional value without compromising the taste. Furthermore, it is versatile and customizable and can be used to prepare all main dishes based on minced meat. Maggi's first meat extender is currently available in Chile.

“Our team of experts and chefs have developed a tailor-made solution that offers an equivalent amount of protein at an affordable price to consumers in Latin America. Our innovation guarantees the familiar taste and texture of ground meat, is stable, temperature environmentally friendly and easy to use,” adds Swen Rabe , head of Nestlé's Product and Technology Center for Food.

This latest innovation builds on Nestlé's approach to developing solutions that combine animal and plant-based ingredients, maximizing nutrition, convenience and sustainability. It follows the pilot launch of a shelf-stable plant-based protein blend, developed in 2022 in Latin America to complement egg dishes in a nutritious and convenient way. For Central and West Africa, Nestlé has developed a convenient and nutritious beverage solution made by combining locally sourced milk and soya.

Nestlé's efforts to broaden its food range also include recent launches, such as the convenient Maggi Soya Chunks or Maggi Veg. Both offer meat-alternative options to meet consumers' changing dietary preferences.

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