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Misitano & Stracuzzi starts the stock exchange listing

The Sicilian company is a leader in the citrus essences sector

Misitano & Stracuzzi, one of the most important brands in Italy in the citrus sector, has started the process for listing in Piazza Affari. The admission, announced a few days ago is now scheduled for 19 July 2024 at the EGM, Euronext Growth Milan, the Italian Stock Exchange market dedicated to SMEs with high growth potential. The debut on the Milan price list will take place in the following days. The listing is by Intermonte SIM, who is Euronext Growth Advisor (EGA), Specialist and Global Coordinator. 

The target price range within which the final price for the shares will be identified will be defined in the Board of Directors set for 11 July 2024. There will be shares convertible into ordinary shares (Price Adjustment Shares - PAS), not subject to admission to trading, owned by Stracuzzi Holding, convertible into ordinary shares in proportion to the achievement of a profitability target for the year 2024. The shareholding before admission is 100% of Stracuzzi Holding, attributable to Antonio Stracuzzi, Emanuela Stracuzzi and Diego Stracuzzi in equal measure).

The members of the board of directors at the start of the negotiations will be: Antonio Stracuzzi (Chairman and ceo); Diego Stracuzzi (ceo); Emanuela Stracuzzi (ceo); Carlo Munafò (independent director) and another independent administrator.

Misitano & Stracuzzi has been active since 1922 in the transformation of citrus fruits and in the production of essences and juices of lemon and orange. Currently it has two factories in the province of Messina: one is in Santa Teresa di Riva, in the province of Messina, where essential oils are produced. The other plant is in Furci Siculo, also in the province of Messina, where citrus juices are produced. Consolidated revenues for the year 2023 amounted to 59 million Euro: 5.8% is generated in Italy, 31.3% in Europe and 62.9% in non-EU countries.

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