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Autogrill: 2018 results; confirmed revenue growth

The highlights /Attachment

The Board of Directors of Autogrill SpA has reviewed and approved the consolidated results at 31 December 2018, including the consolidated Non Financial Information Declaration 2018

The BoD approves consolidated financial statements and draft of separate financial statements at 31 December 2018.

The results in detail:

Revenue up 5.0% to €4.7 billion

Robust like for like revenue growth of +3.5%, with a positive contribution from all regions

Strong performance at airports, with revenue up 7.2% (+5.6% like for like)

Underlying EBITDA of €416.7m, 8.9% on revenue (€418.8m in FY2017, 9.1% on revenue), overall profitability levels maintained, despite a tough start to the year

Underlying net result of €101.6m (FY2017: €106.9m)

Net result: €68.7m, after “cross-generational deal” (Italy), other efficiency projects and other items including acquisition fees (FY2017: €96.2m)

New contracts and renewals worth €4.1 billion in FY2018

Acquisition of Le CroBag in February 2018, with over 100 points of sale at German railway stations, and convenience retail operator Avila in August 2018, operating 25 stores at 4 US airports

Proposed dividend of €0.20, gross of any applicable withholding tax, per share (€0.19 in 2017, +5.3%).


2019 has started in line with expectations, with a good revenue growth in North America and International and stable revenue in Europe

Autogrill announces that it will host a Capital Markets Day on Tuesday 4 June 2019 in Milan. Autogrill’s senior management will provide an update on the strategy and the development of the Group.

The integral version of the financial report (20 pages, with tables) is attached to this EFA News.

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