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JAB to list Peet’s and Douwe Egberts in €3bn coffee IPO

JDE Peet's would be the largest publicly traded, pure-play coffee company with annual sales of €7B

Jab Holding, a German conglomerate controlled by the Reimann family that collects many brands of consumer goods - including several in the beverage sector, such as Keurig, Dr Pepper, Peet's Coffee, Jde (Jacobs, Douwe Egberts), Tassimo, Gevalia, L'Or, Pilao, Kenco, Hag, as well as various restaurant chains, such as the English Pret a Manger or Krispy Kreme Donuts - would be about to list all the coffee activities, bringing together Jde and Peet's in a company with a turnover of 7 billion euros. The anticipation was published on the Financial Times website. The company plans to raise up to 3 billion euros in Jde Peet's European offer, probably on the Amsterdam stock exchange. 

Listed businesses will include coffee brands Tassimo, Senseo and L’Or, as well as coffee shops Peet's, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea and Stumptown Coffee Roasters in the United States. Jde Peet's would be the largest publicly traded coffee company, with annual sales of around 7 billion euros. Jacobs Douwe Egberts is the second most important coffee group in the world, and has recently signed an important commercial partnership with Italian illyCaffè.

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CoffeeArla and Starbucks celebrate successful 10 year partnership

The partnership has been a success from the start

2020 marks 10 years since European farmer-owned dairy cooperative Arla Foods and the American coffee company Starbucks partnered up to combine chilled coffee and milk for the ready to drink (RTD) market. The partnership has been a success from the start, securing continuous growth in a high pace global market, in which unit production has increased by no less than 1700 per cent. more