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Dried fruit market: the leaders are optimistic

The INC survey shows an industry ready to restart

The survey conducted by the "International Nuts and Dried Fruit Council" shows that the dried fruit market is strong and ready to accept new production challenges. A few months after the peak of the health emergency, Italian companies, including dried fruit companies, continue to deal with the medium and long-term effects of Covid-19. Economic and social repercussions that have caused numerous setbacks to the dried fruit sector.

Inc, of which "Nucis Italia" is the national representative, conducted an analysis on the future prospects of the supply chain, asking the opinion of some members of its leadership. For most respondents, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future. According to Behrooz Agah , of "Agah Group" and ambassador Inc in Iran, thanks to the promotion and greater awareness of consumers about the benefits deriving from the consumption of dried and dried fruit on the general state of health and well-being, it is likely that in the aftermath of Covid-19 this type of product will play an increasing role in nutrition. Also, Chen Qi of "QiaQia Food" added: "The growing demand from consumers eager to stay healthy gives us reason to think that this industry will accelerate in China."

From the European front, Jan Vincent Rieckmann of "August Töpfer", Roby Danon of "Voicevale" and Alessandro Annibali, CEO of "New Factor spa", and Inc ambassador for Italy, expressed their deep confidence in the future of the sector. Annibali commented: "We are experiencing an unprecedented situation, a crisis which, however, should also be read as an opportunity. People have rediscovered values such as the pleasure of living their loved ones, their home and pay more attention to a correct lifestyle and what they put on the table. The dried fruit that has been the basis of human nutrition for millennia fits perfectly into this picture ".

Mario Zani, referent for "Nucis Italia", is also on the same positive line, who declared: "As a dried fruit sector, we must seize this extraordinary opportunity by pushing with even more determination on those values that have always characterized us, such as the transparency of the supply chain, the safety of raw materials, the ethics of our behavior: these are the aspects that the consumer looks at today and which will be even more decisive tomorrow ".

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