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"Crema", the new ice cream format in Milan

Launched by Giorgio Bulgari, a second opening is scheduled for early 2021

It takes courage to open new stores in this period, especially in a competitive square like that of Milan where there is no shortage of formats dedicated to ice cream. Yet this is the challenge launched by Crema, a new ice cream shop opened in Via Giovanni da Procida at the end of July, a concept that uses fresh raw materials and that has entered a multicultural context, refreshing the sultry Italian summer 2020.

Giorgio Bulgari, promoter of the initiative, confirms: "We started at a very complicated moment. Crema was a bet and the way in which the city welcomed us makes us think well in the future. The boutique in Crema is based on the need to share something real, genuinely refined and the result of Italian creativity and innovation. A laboratory of flavors for those who want to experience novelties, but at the same time a return to childhood tastes, while maintaining the continuous search for excellence and quality ".

The more than 60 styles of ice cream are born from the craftsmanship of the master ice cream maker Claudio Torcè . All flavors and express cones are gluten free and lactose free. The restaurant looks like a welcoming environment with an open laboratory, with particularly attention to details. And it could not be otherwise, considering Giorgio Bulgari's family and professional background, who anticipated to EFA News his intention to open another restaurant in the first quarter of 2021.

The refined and plastic free packaging has been designed to guarantee transparency, quality of raw materials and craftsmanship. One of the initiatives organized by the company was the summer tasting of all the creams, from the most classic to the innovative ones, the many varieties of chocolate, and then the zabaglione, salted pistachio, toasted almond and the many sorbets. Sweeter flavors are also combined with salty or seasonal ones, such as gorgonzola, cream of celery, parmesan oil and mint and caramelized onion.

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