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Oleificio Zucchi opens a branch in New York

The Cremonese company celebrates 210 years by consolidating its presence on the US market

Oleificio Zucchi looks to the future with confidence and bets on the US market, the company's first foreign market for growing exports, announcing the opening of its own branch in New York. By entrusting the US project to the leadership of manager Franco Denari, the Cremonese company intends to launch an articulated development strategy with the aim of increasing the presence and positioning of the brand in the United States, while encouraging a more widespread and in-depth culture gastronomic and nutritional, characterized by quality, transparency and sustainability. The strategy will concern traditional channels such as catering and retail with a progressive extension of the offer on digital channels.

With regard to the retail channel, in particular, the objectives of the branch will be based on four key points: expansion of distribution on a national scale, consolidating existing relationships with important retail partners; progressive supervision of every single American state, creating relationships and collaborations with local distributors; building synergies and partnerships with "premium" retailers, specializing in particular in high quality and made in Italy products; investments in digitalization and online sales to create a true omnichannel context, which puts consumers at the center and offers them different points of contact with the brand.

As for catering, riding the wave of changes in consumption habits due to the pandemic, Oleificio Zucchi is ready to support food service with a new approach, "based on the search for excellent raw materials, and on the added value of the Italian food tradition also in health terms. Zucchi 1810 is already working alongside restaurateurs to support them in the construction of new contents and gastronomic experiences, able to involve and at the same time train customers on the culture of oil and good table", announces a press release.

Denari comments: "By telling our story, we want to bring American consumers to develop greater awareness of the products they use, encouraging them to seek excellence from all points of view and to conceive food as a 360-degree experience". Oleificio Zucchi has chosen to announce this big step from the heart of New York to Times Square. Here, on the day of the reopening of the restaurants and clubs, the company logo was present for 15 minutes on the Nasdaq maxi screen: a symbolic gesture to show your support on a fundamental day for food service and for the economy of the city.

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