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Global meat market 2020: the FAO outlook

337.3 million tons (-0.5%) produced, expected drop in production, mainly in Asia due to PSA

Attached is the FAO "Food Outlook - Biannual Report on Global Food Markets"

World meat production in 2020 is around 337.3 million tonnes (carcass weight equivalent). The data, published in the FAO's "Food outlook biannual report on Global Food Markets", shows a decrease of 0.5% on an annual basis. A less pessimistic forecast than previous forecasts, but which still marks a second consecutive year of decline, due, in particular, to the decline in pork production, especially in China, due to African swine fever (see article EFA News of 27-11-20 ). On the other hand, poultry production which, according to the FAO outlook, will increase. A minimal increase, at just over half the rate recorded last year, due to strong demand, which mainly reflects the deficit and high domestic prices for pork in China. A modest growth in sheepmeat production is also expected.

World meat trade is projected to grow to 37.6 million tonnes in 2020, an increase of 3.9% over the previous year, a growth rate significantly lower than the 6.9% in 2019, reflecting the import restrictions of many countries, consistent with the negative impacts of Covid-19 on the global meat trade and the deep global recession. In contrast, China's meat imports are projected to increase by 44% or more than 3 million tonnes from 2019, absorbing around 30% of the world's meat exports. Much of the projected increase in world meat imports is likely to be due to exports from Brazil, the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Russian Federation and the European Union.

The sharpest decline was recorded in pork, followed by poultry, beef and sheep. As market disruptions related to CPVID-19 are likely to persist, demand for meat is expected to remain subdued in the coming months, keeping international prices for the sector under pressure.

Attached is the FAO "Food Outlook - Biannual Report on Global Food Markets".

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