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Nestlé is still betting on Jungly

The iconic bar of chocolate is back, a great demand from Spanish consumers

Siamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoSiamo una grande famiglia innamorata del buon cibo. La nostra ricetta? Valorizzare la filiera agricola italiana e attenzione all'ambiente. Scopri il nostro impegnoAdvertisement

Nestlé has listened to multitude of requests from Spanish consumers and, in a few weeks, will bring Jungly, its legendary bar of milk chocolate and animal-shaped biscuits, back to market. “We saw how consumers created profiles for the tablets, how they organized signature collections, and even how they continued to keep animal images on chocolate bars or collect merchandise gifts. In recent years they have invited us their message: they really wanted us to bet on Nestlé Jungly again. Now it's our turn and we want to give them the best of answers”, emphasizes Joan Moreno, head of marketing for Nestlé Tablets.

The return of Nestlé Jungly, withdrawn from the market five years ago, is an unusual event as it arises from the direct dialogue between the company and the consumer. The interaction through social media and customer service was the key to bringing the most anticipated tablet on the market back to the public in the coming weeks. “It is a honor for us to be able to respond to such a clear demand from our consumers because this is the true meaning of our work. We are aware that we have a much loved product portfolio, but nevertheless we continuously innovate and launch new proposals. Therefore, this memory that Nestlé Jungly consumers have is something truly exceptional. So we did everything possible to relaunch it”, explains Moreno.

Nestlé Jungly will be produced in the Nestlé plant in La Penilla de Cayón (Cantabria) following the recipe that has amazed the public in the past and with the same image on the packaging. The milk chocolate bar and biscuit pieces will be made with milk from the Cantabrian coast and cocoa from 100% sustainable plantations thanks to Nestlé Cocoa Plan, a program that aims to achieve more sustainable and higher quality cocoa production. It will also carry the Rainforest Alliance seal, which certifies sustainable, environmental, social and economic production standards.

The Cantabrian production center, the first that Nestlé installed in Spain in 1905, thus recovers one of the most acclaimed products of the production lines. The iconic Nestlé Extrafino milk chocolate or the Nestlé Caja Roja assortment of chocolates has also been produced here for years. In honor of those consumers who keep the brand's items as if they were collectors, Chocolates Nestlé has decided to auction the first tablet that will be offered for sale on the market on a well-known auction and e-commerce platform for charity. Consumers will thus be able to bid to be the first to taste the long-awaited Nestlé Jungly tablet. With the support and advice of the Global Nature Foundation, the company will donate the full amount of the offer to biodiversity projects in northern Spain.

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