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Ali Group, last farewell to the founder Luciano Berti

Disappeared on January 18, he would have turned 90 today

Today, January 26, Luciano Berti would have celebrated his ninetieth birthday. A little less than a week has passed since the death of the founder and honorary president of Ali Group at the age of 89 on 18 January 2021. The Group is one of the leaders in the production of industrial kitchens, manages brands such as Rancilio (professional espresso coffee machines ), Carpigiani (ice cream machines) and Lainox (catering equipment). “Many people and colleagues who had the opportunity and the good fortune to know him today lose a dear friend and a charismatic leader. A true giant of our sector, a unique entrepreneur who has often been described by everyone, including his competitors, as a visionary”, declared his son Filippo Berti, president and CEO of the company.

After having celebrated 52 years of marriage, in 2019 Berti faced the mourning of his wife Giancarla. In 1955 he won a "Fullbright Scholarship", a scholarship that led him to Stanford University and a degree in sociology. After he continued his studies at the University of Turin and after earning a degree in political science, he taught sociology for a short period at the IRI post-graduate school. In 1962 he invested in a small Milanese company of industrial dishwashers and founded Ali Comenda, the first step that would lead the Ali Group to be recognized as a world leader in the catering equipment sector. Today the Group has around 10,000 employees in 30 countries and 79 of the best-known brands.

Together with his wife, he laid the foundations of the Berti Foundation in Italy and the Berti Foundation in the United States. Luciano Berti was particularly proud of the program designed to help the children of his employees to continue their studies through the "Berti Foundation Scholarship Program" and of the scholarships awarded, through the academy of the scale of Milan, to young Italian musicians to improve their studies to Aspen Music Festival and School in Colorado.

"We have lost a man who was the dear friend of many and, we of the Berti family, we have lost a loving father and grandfather", says his son Filippo. "Many of you who knew my father personally know that beyond the characteristic intellectual curiosity, he has always loved meeting and getting to know people. He has always genuinely cared about the welfare of his employees to the same extent that he cared about the company. I am ready to follow in his footsteps and carry on what he left behind. I would like to thank you personally and from my entire family for your kindness and support during this time of mourning. Knowing that we are in your thoughts in this sad moment of our life brings us great comfort".

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