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The identikit of the agricultural entrepreneur under 40

Competent, interconnected and in favor of assisted evolution technologies, according to the Bayer observatory

This is demonstrated by the survey of Giovani Agricoltori observatory supported by Bayer, with a focus on innovation

"69% of young farmers are ready to use Tea (Assisted Evolution Technologies), the most advanced and sustainable frontier of biotechnologies applied in agriculture, and 45% already use one or more digital agriculture solutions to improve sustainability, business management and to enhance the quality of production". These are the data that emerge from the survey by the Young Farmers observatory with a focus on innovation supported by Bayer and carried out by Edagricole together with Nomisma during 2020. The survey, focused on new technologies and the frontiers of sustainable agriculture, collected the qualified opinion of 458 young companies on a panel of 1,496 young agricultural business owners under 40.

The results disclosed at the live streaming event "Towards a younger and smarter agriculture" reveal the profile of the young agricultural entrepreneur: competent, interconnected and open to innovation. Marc Aupetitgendre, country division head Italy / Greece of Bayer Crop Science, commenting on the results of the survey underlined: "We are reflected in the vision of agriculture that emerges from the survey by the Young Farmers observatory. The expectations of innovation of young people are very high both on the digital farming front and on the spread of new genetic technologies. We hope that the EU, which is preparing to review the regulatory framework of Teams, takes these strong expectations into account".

According to data from the observatory, young agricultural entrepreneurs get information on the internet (43%) but also consult specialized magazines (29%) and attend sector events (26%). Almost half of them (45%) adopt 4.0 agriculture solutions and 19% use more than one. They choose the apps to manage the accounting (23%) the variable rate equipment (14%) the weather stations and the DSS (14%). With innovation they want to achieve objectives of sustainability (36%) management efficiency (18%), cost containment (17%) and production enhancement (12%). From the survey on the innovation of the Young Farmers observatory it emerges that 69% of them are ready to use the Tea (Assisted Evolution Technologies, also called Nbt, New breeding technologies, or cisgenesis and genome editing) if they were allowed in Italy. They would do so mainly with the aim of improving resistance to diseases and parasites (57%) and secondarily to improve productivity (14%). The relationship between young farmers and the frontier of innovation 4.0 is very close. 45% use at least one application. In most cases (23%) they are apps for accounting or production / processing management. 14% use variable rate equipment and GPS tractors; 14% to Dss and company weather stations.

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