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Rigoni di Asiago, double-digit growth in 2020

Exclusive interview with Cristina Cossa, marketing manager

After a 2020 closed with excellent results, for 2021 Rigoni di Asiago has every intention of continuing to grow. Marketing manager Cristina Cossa tells us about it.

After a 2020 closed with excellent results, for 2021 Rigoni di Asiago has every intention of continuing to grow both on the domestic market, consolidating the awareness of individual brands also through widespread communication activities, and on international markets, through a targeted export strategy. These and other development projects are revealed to us by Cristina Cossa, the company's marketing manager.

How did 2020 close for Rigoni? What are the projects for 2021?

Surely 2020 was a particular year, with strong changes in the scenario, which made market trends change. The lockdown periods and the increase in domestic consumption (breakfast, snacks, sweets, recipes) have favored the shelf rotation of our products (Fiordifrutta, Nocciolata and Mielbio). Furthermore, it was a year of strong commitment on export markets, with distribution expansion and the involvement of new countries. All this has led Rigoni di Asiago to double-digit growth. An important result dictated by the fact that there is a wide range of consumers who research and select products that give reassurance in terms of taste, guarantee of origin and sustainability, intrinsic factors of our products, which the market recognizes. As for 2021, our goal, on the domestic front, is to increase the awareness of our individual brands towards consumers, to whom we want to offer not only products but also a history and values in which to recognize themselves. Furthermore, we aim to increase our presence on international markets with an increasingly targeted export strategy, which provides for a widespread distribution and an increase in reputation, maintaining a strong brand identity and not betraying the values of ethics and sustainability that have always distinguish the brand.

Which products have given you the greatest satisfaction?

Fiordifrutta, our 100% organic fruit preparation, confirms its leadership in value in the jams sector, while Nocciolata, our organic cocoa and hazelnut spread, remains the second market player in spreads and Mielbio, our 100% honey Italian and organic, is the second player in its reference sector (excluding PL). The greatest satisfaction is given every day by our consumers, who choose us, trusting us; our goal is to keep giving them the best.

Are there any new products in sight or something else?

Recently, in 2020, we launched our Special Edition of Fiordifrutta and Tantifrutti: four new references, in which the goodness of our organic fruit meets the beneficial properties of aromatic herbs. This is how they were born: Fiordifrutta strawberries and wild strawberries with mint, together with Tantifrutti strawberry and apple with mint and Fiordifrutta apricots and peaches with basil, with Tantifrutti apricot, peach, apple with basil. Every day our research and development department works to identify and develop products that are innovative and that bring real added value to the consumer in terms of taste and nutritional properties.

How do you plan to expand your business?

From a commercial point of view, the corporate objectives point to the growth of the Fiordifrutta and Nocciolata brands. Innovation will be an important lever to stand out in the market and bring a real and tangible advantage to the consumer. Furthermore, thanks to integrated and targeted marketing plans, with a focus on digital, we want to increase the awareness of our brands among consumers, reaching even the youngest targets. On the export front, growth has been consistent in recent years and we have challenging objectives for the next ones as well.

What are the projects on communication?

The planning includes online and offline activities, with a large investment in particular in digital, with which we intend to keep the dialogue with the consumer alive and open. In 2020, for example, we launched the community “Gli Amici di Rigoni di Asiago”, a “place” designed to give our fans the opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in creative challenges, share culinary creations and provide us with suggestions and advice.

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