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Sardinia: intelligent distribution for tomato processing

Casar chooses Abb to manage the electrical distribution of his plant

Casar Srl is a company that has been processing tomatoes grown exclusively in the Sardinian countryside since 1962 and its production plant in Serramanna (Su) occupies an area of about 120,000 square meters, of which 31,000 are covered. In the plant, the tomatoes are processed and packaged fresh within 12 hours of harvesting and therefore the plants must operate 24 hours a day to be able to process the large quantities harvested. The tomatoes are in fact harvested on 330 hectares which supply about 400,000 quintals.

For Casar it is essential to have full control of the production plants starting from the electricity that powers them. In this regard, the company Gattermayer Srl with the collaboration of QService was commissioned to carry out modernization of the system and knowing the potential of Abb's intelligent distribution offer, proposed to Casar the installation of two new general distribution panels to replace of the present paintings that have become obsolete. For the construction of these power centers, System Pro E power panels with rated current 1250 A were used. With this solution it is possible to create infinite configurations of panels with a limited number of codes with the possibility of assembling over 100 different variants.

To communicate the electrical parameters, the switches have been connected to Ekip Up modules. It is a digital unit that monitors the devices, verifying that the protections are functioning correctly, guaranteeing rapid fault diagnostics. In addition, the module offers continuous management and control functions, giving the possibility to make choices for the optimization of the systems in terms of productivity and energy costs. The system architecture consists of 6 Ekip Up digital units that collect data from the 40 switches (clients) present in the switchboard, allowing complete remote monitoring of the Casar system.

Giacinto Gattermayer, owner of Gattermayer Srl, explains: “with the new generation Tmax Xt circuit-breakers and the Edcs cloud platform we are able to create intelligent panels that allow our customers to remotely control their systems”. Thanks to the remote control of the signals collected, the use of the Edcs platform allows the customer to be “virtually” always on the system and to be able to see the status of the various devices without having to activate a fixed control during the continuous cycle period. Thanks to the possibility of remotely monitoring the system and receiving real-time alarms, Casar was also able to keep the power factor under control, avoiding paying penalties in the bill for power values below the limits allowed by the electricity distributor. 

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