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From Biofach/Vivaness the numbers of the world organic

Before the pandemic, over 106 billion euros in turnover

Before the pandemic, world organic grew in terms of turnover, number of farms and cultivated areas, marking a new record year for the sector. These are the numbers presented by the Swiss Fibl Institute and Ifoam (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) on the occasion of Biofach, the international organic fair taking place in Nuremberg, in digital form, until February 19. 

In the report The World of organic agriculture presented and based on 2019 data (therefore in the year preceding 2020 of the pandemic), there are 106.4 billion euros in total turnover, with 3.1 million producers (up by 13% in one year) and 72.3 million hectares cultivated with organic farming methods around the world, also up by 1.6%. Australia is the first country in the world for organic cultivated area, India for number of producers while the top three global markets for sales are the United States (44.7 billion), Germany (12 billion) and France (11.3 billion).

Italy occupies a top position and contributes to the growth of the European Union market, which in 2019 increased by 8% to 41.4 billion euros. Our country is the first in the EU for the number of producers with over 80,000 companies, followed on the continent by Turkey (74,000), France (47,000) and Spain (42,000). Italy is also the third country in Europe for cultivated areas (over 2 million hectares), but even the fifth in the world for the domestic market with 4.3 billion euros in sales after the USA (44.7 billion), Germany ( 12 billion), France (11.3 billion) and China (8.5 billion). Our exports are also strong, worth 2.6 billion euros.

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