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Typical products. European Commission approve Pistachio of Raffadali

The denomination is produced in the province of Agrigento (Sicily)

The European Commission has approved the application for registration of "Pistachio di Raffadali" in the register of protected designations of origin (PDO). The Raffadali Pistachio is produced in the province of Agrigento, where the conditions of high aridity and the sunny exposure to the south of the plantations allow to obtain a fruit with particular qualitative characteristics, characterized by a sweet, pleasant and pronounced flavor and by yield in oil.

The cultivation of pistachio has grown since the second half of the nineteenth century, when entire pastures and abandoned land were transformed into plantations and the cultivation became the fulcrum of the entire agricultural and economic system of the region. The choice of keeping the plants low, with the branches almost touching the ground, has left its mark on the landscape over the years. This new name is added to the 1,606 protected European food products in the eAmbrosia database.

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