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Rigamonti closes 2020 with an increase in turnover of 135 million (+ 7%)

The group announces investments of 25 million and aims to double production in 5 years

The Valtellinese company, owned by Brazialian Jbs, leader in the bresaola sector launches the first Bresaola Charter: a vademecum dedicated to consumers, to discover the world of this typical product starting from the origin, taste and characteristics of the meat based on the races, with advice and tasting cards, combinations and taylor made recipes.

Rigamonti increasingly focuses on total quality, certified supply chains and range diversification. After the synergy started with Coldiretti to enhance the Piedmontese "red gold" within the 100% Italian supply chain, the world leader of Bresaola (135 million turnover in 2020, + 7% on 2019) is now launching its first "Carta delle Bresaola”: a vademecum dedicated to consumers, to discover the world of Bresaola starting from the origin, taste and characteristics of the meat based on the races, with tasting cards, combinations and tailor-made recipes. The vademecum, downloadable from today from the website, was created in collaboration with the food and wine journalist Marco Bolasco, who oversaw the sensory panel of the Bresaole, and Angela Simonelli, food designer who signed the ten unpublished recipes. An instrument that invites you to experiment with a versatile salami, available in numerous variations.

Because there is not just one but many Bresaola. Not only the Bresaola della Valtellina PGI (fourth among the PDO and PGI cured meats in Italy by production value, for the Rigamonti Group is worth about 50% of the turnover), particularly appreciated by Italians for its thinness and its distinctive flavor, and in the case of Rigamonti made for 90% with a first choice cut: the tip of the hip of South American Zebu. But also Bresaola certified 100% Italian 4 IT from local breeds (such as Bruna Alpina and soon the Fassona) with characteristic spicy and peppery notes and to be enjoyed in thicker slices. For those looking for stronger flavors there is Black Angus bresaola - from Australia, USA or UK - more marbled (with a pinch of extra "fat") and for this reason even tastier, full-bodied and enveloping. But also the South American one of Angus, with herbaceous and slightly spicy notes, perfect in combination with a bitter orange marmalade. Finally, the Gran Fesa Rigamonti from European Charolaise and Limousine cattle, balanced and with a savory and slightly bitter finish, to be enjoyed perhaps alongside honey, goat cheese and chives while sipping a blanche-style beer. The vademecum will be accompanied by a social campaign on Rigamonti's Facebook and Instagram channels and an ad hoc page dedicated to consumers on the company's new website, redesigned in terms of contents and graphics.

For Claudio Palladi, ad Rigamonti: “With this vademecum we want to make consumers aware of our range of bresaola and their origin in a full and transparent way. But also their different characteristics and the nuances of taste, depending on the cattle breeds used and their origin. It is essential not to demonize the foreign origin of the raw material: the quantities of Italian meat destined for Bresaola - today equal to 700 tons of which 500 purchased from Rigamonti - will never be able to satisfy the entire market. Without the foreign raw material, Bresaola would not exist. What matters is the total quality path undertaken in the selection of foreign meat, in the choice of certified suppliers, combined with the firm will to continue in the enhancement of Italian breeds. These two concepts are not in antithesis but go hand in hand. To date, we are the only ones on the market to personally visit the fazendas in Brazil and to implement a CSQA certified supply chain control for grazing and outdoor farming for South American meat, which in 2020 recorded a + 10%. Just as we are the only ones to produce in agreement with Coldiretti the Bresaola from a 100% Italian supply chain (4IT), with animals born, raised, slaughtered and processed in Italy: a niche that has grown by 20% in the last year but which can and must grow yet".

That of the Italian supply chain is a great challenge for Rigamonti, considering the limitation of the raw material. “ Today - explains Palladi - we process 500 tons of Italian meat, equal to 4% of our production, but I am convinced that thanks to the synergy started with Coldiretti it will be possible to exceed one thousand tons. Among the innovations we are working on there is also the enhancement of the Piedmontese Fassona supply chain, which will arrive on the market by the end of the year. With the implementation of this supply chain by 2023 we will be able to prepare 10% of the 60 thousand bresaola we produce every week with Italian meat".

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