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Zarotti closes 2020 with record growth

Turnover for the group of fish preserves equal to 39.6 million (+ 23%)

Zarotti of Parma, specialized for 70 years in the production of canned fish (tuna, anchovies, anchovies, mackerel), closed 2020 with a + 23% turnover, going from 32 to 39.6 million in revenues: an increase of double figure favored in part by the food choices of Italians, forced to eat at home

"The fact of not being able to go to the restaurant has increased the consumption of quality food at home. The excellence of our products, which start from the best raw materials, has decreed the closure of an extraordinary year", said Giovanni Palmieri , sole director of Zarotti.

The company, with an original plant in Cilento, in San Marco di Castellabate and with a production subsidiary in Albania, has an average of ten references on the shelf in the hyper and super of large-scale distribution. "We fish all over the Mediterranean, in the Cantabrian Sea, north of Morocco. Our exports are 12 percent. Our products are on the market at competitive prices, but in the world of food, you pay for quality. You can't eat. well without spending. It's not possible", adds Palmieri.

Zarotti also aims at sustainability. "By 2025 we will be completely 'plastic free'. 90 percent of our packaging is already highly recyclable. Since 2019, sustainability has been one of our priorities", continues Palmieri. "The employees are 90% women. An extraordinary feature due to the fact that 250 women work in the Albanian factory, whose hands are able to insert thin anchovy fillets or anchovies into glass jars or containers, however small. which makes the company special and very attentive to the quality of female work. We could not do without female work, for us it is essential. We therefore have a much higher than average percentage of women hired, and this fills us with satisfaction", concludes Palmieri.

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