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Spot Dietorelle reported to the Guarantor for Children, Agcom and Antitrust

Sapphic kisses and naked women on air at all hours of the day

For Vittorio Sgarbi, advertising for the well-known Sperlari candy brand is immoral for children.

The controversy over the new Dietorelle commercial, Sperlari's sugar-free candies, rises in tone, with a flurry of complaints announced by MP Vittorio Sgarbi who for several days, even with a video on Youtube, claims that the commercial is "immoral for children" .

The scenes in fact leave no room for the imagination: two women kissing and exchanging a candy, the same candy that is passed from mouth to mouth between a man lying in a bed embracing two women. And again: two teenagers kissing while locking themselves in the bedroom, with an accomplice air. Virtually almost nothing scandalous for what is on TV today. The problem is that the commercial goes at any time of the day and there would be at least five or six violations that Sgarbi would have identified in that advertisement that airs at times when children also watch television.

For this reason, according to today's Corriere della Sera, the Honorable Member has given a mandate to the lawyer Giampaolo Cicconi to report the spot to the Childhood Authority, the Communications Authority and the Authority Competition and the market.

Those images, according to the honorable Vittorio Sgarbi, "offend the dignity of the person and religious and ideal beliefs, can lead to prejudicial behavior and cause moral or physical harm to minors".

Dietorelle is a brand of the historic Cremonese company Sperlari, with 185 years of history, today owned by the German group Katjes International.

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