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Dieter Schwarz returns to the helm of Schwarz Gruppe (Lidl and Kaufland)

81 years old, he assumes the position ad interim after the disengagement of the historic CEO Klaus Gehrig

The successor would already be there: Gerd Chrzanowski, currently CEO of the Schwarz Lidl division, who should take up the post shortly

81-year-old Dieter Schwarz returns to the helm of Schwarz Gruppe, the multinational group of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), which owns the Lidl and Kaufland brands. The fact that the founder of Lidl takes the field again taking on the position of interim CEO at his ripe age is due to the early departure of the historic ceo Klaus Gehrig, who resigned after leading the company for 45 years.

A disengagement announced for the truth by Gehring himself, who had long ago already expressed his desire to leave the witness to others in a couple of years. It seems, however, that recent - quite incurable - conflicts with Dieter Schwarz have led him to speed up the pace and resign, thus forcing the "patron" to take back the reins while waiting for a worthy replacement. To confirm this, a press release that however speaks of disagreement on "a very important issue" without further details.

Rumors in Germany already give a candidate: Gehring's designated successor would be Gerd Chrzanowski , currently CEO of the Schwarz Lidl division, who should take up the post shortly.

Gehring was a key figure within the Group, and he is responsible for the success of the Lidl and Kaufland brands. His leadership made Schwarz Gruppe through its subsidiaries one of the largest food retailers in the world, with a turnover of 125 billion euros last year. In fact, it is currently the largest European retailer and the fourth in the world by turnover. It operates supermarkets in most European countries and is currently expanding in the United States as well. Its stores mainly sell private label products and the Group also operates its own production facilities for baked goods, soft drinks, sweets and ice cream.

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