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Unilever, the Israeli government reacts to the boycott

The company announced it will no longer sell Ben & Jerrys ice cream in the occupied territories

For the prime minister of Tel Aviv "there will be serious consequences".

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has warned Unilever chief Alan Jope that there will be serious consequences for the decision of Ben & Jerry's, the group's controlled American ice cream maker, to stop selling its products in the territories. occupied Palestinians. "From the point of view of the State of Israel - reads a note from the Prime Minister's office - this action will have serious consequences, particularly on the legal level".

In his interview with Jope, Bennett indicated that he sees this decision "as a clear anti-Israel action".

Yesterday Ben & Jerry's announced its decision in a statement in which it stated that it believed "that it is not compatible with our values that Ben & Jerry's ice cream is sold in the occupied Palestinian territories". The group's products will continue to be sold in Israel.

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