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Delivery: French restaurateurs plan their own platform

Work is underway on a competing Deliveroo flagship project, Uber Eats, or Just Eat

A platform of its own that is an alternative to Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Just Eat created by restaurateurs: this is one of the flagship projects that the trade association Groupement national des indépendants Hotellerie & Restauration (GNI), which represents bars, is working on , the hospitality sector and French restaurateurs. As Laurent Fréchet, restaurateur and president of the catering branch of GNI, reported to the national press, this home food delivery app could be born in the form of a cooperative, and would be owned by the restaurateurs themselves. More generally, the association's reflection aims to defend the independence of restaurateurs in the face of the three big players who "impoverish" them, or those home delivery platforms that ask them for a commission on the account of up to 25%; a list that in addition to the three mentioned also includes apps such as Privateaser or Kactus, which also take from 20 to 25% commission on revenue. Furthermore, the initiative is also aimed at those subjects that issue Dining Bonds, which "increasingly resemble credit cards", underlines Fréchet, but which absorb about 4% of the turnover of the restaurateur, against 0.5% for a payment by conventional credit card. Ice talks about it from his Paris office on the source Les Echos Week-end.

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