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Japan: deer and wild boar on the menu of a tourist train

The original found to educate the Japanese on game consumption

The Japanese press talks about it extensively: for a limited period that will end on November 28, on the restaurant car of the tourist train "The Rail Kitchen Chikugo", both for lunch and dinner on Fridays, weekends and public holidays in via experimental dishes based on venison and wild boar will be served, mostly cooked in the Western style.

An original initiative commissioned by the private railway company Nishitetsu on the Fukuoka (Tenjin) -Ōmuta section, in the prefecture of Fukuoka, which aims to educate the palate of passengers in the consumption of this type of meat, coming from animals killed locally for containment. of the population in the wild. Only about 10% of these meats are in fact used for human consumption, while the remainder is disposed of.

"This is an opportunity for people to learn how delicious game meat is, and perhaps it will motivate them to enjoy it from time to time," said on the pages of The Asahi Shimbun tabloid, Takashi Ono, executive chef who oversaw the dishes. On the menu, therefore, in addition to the classic national dishes, travelers will also find at the special price of $ 97, taxes included, appetizing steaks or game burgers cooked in various ways, rather than terrines or pates on "very elegant looking" croutons, he points out. the chef. Like the dish illustrated in the photo below of this EFA News, that is, sliced loin of venison with spicy miso sauce, fuki (Japanese butterbur), toasted rice ball and spiced wild boar and venison burger.

Could the initiative mark the birth of a new food trend in Japan?

Photo gallery Nel menu del treno giapponese Rail Kitchen Chikugo, anche tagliata di lonza di cervo con salsa di miso piccante, fuki (farfaraccio giapponese), polpetta di riso tostata e hamburger di cinghiale e cervo speziato
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