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Uruguay: trade union tug-of-war brings the meat sector to its knees

Huge losses to the sector across the country, says the National Rural Federation

For the series when everyone loses for one. The Rural Federation of Uruguay (an institution that brings together associations of rural producers), did not go lightly in condemning the actions implemented for weeks by the Uruguayan trade unions that protect workers in the meat sector. An arm wrestling against the meat processing industries which, according to the Federation, "seems to" want to "generate the greatest possible damage to the entire supply chain". In short, a pressure that ends up having the opposite effect. The institution specifies that it is not directly involved in the conflict, and that it recognizes "the right of all workers to defend their interests". But he wants to launch an alarm signal by warning the population about "the enormous losses caused" by a too rigid trade union attitude, "which affects not only the parties involved, but also thousands of producers as well as the entire economy of the country".

And he adds, according to a recent note: "the logic of the trade union movement no longer seems to seek the resolution of the conflict through the strike, but seems to want to generate the greatest possible damage to the entire meat supply chain in order to put pressure on a single subject and reach its objectives". Faced with the protracted trade union conflict between workers and industries, the Federation underlines that the enormous losses caused affect not only the parties involved, but also thousands of large and small producers and, ultimately, the entire national economy. Especially in the face of a negative year from a climatic point of view and at a time of very high crisis due to the marked phenomenon of abandonment of fields and farms.

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