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California Bakery: "CB Franci" project kicks off

50 new franchise openings and 30 own premises in Italy within 12 months

Following the announcement last March of the acquisition of the California Bakery brand by the Orlean Invest Holding Group, headed by entrepreneur Gabriele Volpi, the "CB Franci" project was presented. A programme for the growth and consolidation of the made-in-Italy chain of sweets and cuisine inspired by the stars and stripes tradition, which envisages a nationwide search for fifty aspiring franchisee managers of the California Bakery format. The Group's objective for the future of the brand is to have thirty owned restaurants and fifty franchised outlets within 12 months.

The structures of CB Taste, owner of the brand, and Orlean Invest Holding will guarantee the inspiring franchisees constant logistical and training support in terms of know-how and back office, as well as offering financial advice. "The company will ensure a strong prospect of profitability and is aiming for a total turnover of EUR 100 million", a press release states. The brand licensing programme is aimed at young managers, entrepreneurs and employees who are ready to get involved. A passion for the food & beverage industry, a healthy ambition, proven economic capacity and leadership skills will be key values for future franchisees.

The "CB Franci" project aims at high-visibility and popular locations throughout Italy, with a particular focus on large cities, university centres and tourist destinations. There are three format alternatives: new openings of 100-150 sqm, 150-200 sqm, conversion of pre-existing activities such as bars, pubs and wine bars of different sizes.

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