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Madrid: new representative of the Arab League visits IOC

The topics covered also include the birth of the Arab Olive Office, the future interlocutor of the IOC

Ghedira also asked to be able to discuss a hypothesis for a regulation on edible oils that the Gulf Economic Council presented to the WTO

Arab olive growing is increasingly looking to international markets. The last week Malek Twal, representative of the League of Arab States in Madrid, paid a courtesy visit to the executive director of the International Olive Council, Abdellatif Ghedira, in a meeting which also saw the participation by Head of External Relations Mounir Fourati.

Twal was given an overview of the IOC's mission for the development of the olive sector, as well as of the activities undertaken by the various units of the organization. And, among the issues addressed by the representative in Madrid, also the importance of the establishment of the Arab Olive Office, which will be a very useful interlocutor for the IOC.

Ghedira also referred to the draft of a standard for edible olive oils and olive pomace oils, presented by the Gulf Economic Council (GEC) to the WTO, the World Trade Organization, underlining that this regulation could be a source of confusion in the international oil trade. Ghedira therefore asked his interlocutor to consider the possibility of convening a meeting with the representatives of the GEC in order to explain the position of the IOC and to offer his expertise in the matter. Twal , ensuring its availability,   he did not evade the request.

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