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Urbani Tartufi: the cultivation of truffles that "saves" the supply chain

EFA News exclusively interviews Olga Urbani, the company's CEO

What is the truffle culture? Is it possible to cooperate to create and develop short supply chains in the truffle sector? These and other questions were answered on Friday 11 February (see EFA News article dated 14-2-22), during the press conference organized by Urbani Tartufi, a world leader in the production and processing of truffles.

From the centenary experience of the company comes the ability to produce mycorrhized truffle seedlings within its nurseries, i.e. plants obtained from certified seeds that, combined in symbiosis with the main valuable truffle species, are cultivable and therefore in great demand on the market. This is the concept behind Truffleland, a company of the Urbani Tartufi Group which aims to transform agricultural land, especially arable land, into real truffle fields cultivated and managed by a team of experts.

A project that is sustainable by nature and that speaks of the circular economy, thanks to the use of biotechnologies and nanomaterials that do not impact on nature but only enhance its natural course. A program aimed at reducing the fragmentation of the truffle market in Italy, and aimed at underlining the strong role of the country that continues to lead the rest of Europe in the production and export of truffles.

During the event EFA News interviewed Olga Urbani, the company's CEO.

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