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‘True’ Made in Italy featured at Fancy Food in New York

Initiatives from Coldiretti and Filiera Italiana finalized to counteract Italian sounding

Against fake Made in Italy worldwide, Coldiretti and Filiera Italiana took action together at Ice-Agenzia in the most important fair event dedicated to culinary specialties, ‘Summer Fancy Food 2022’, that has started today and will be present until the 14th of June in New York at the Javits Center. Many names, emblems of Made in Italy, such as Urbani Tartufi, De Nigris and Molino Casillo were involved in the events and showcooking.

The goal is to make people experience first handedly the extraordinary variety and distinctiveness of the national culinary excellences and to expose the imitations that have built up in various continents. Authentic Italian specialties have been compared to their cheap imitations for the first time in the Padiglione Italia, while the cooks will demonstrate the difference between the various dishes of Italian gastronomic tradition and other badly made knock-offs.

On the 14th of June the panel discussion titled ‘The Authentic Italian Food System’ will be held and the study conducted by Coldiretti/Filiera Italiana will be presented, that focuses on ‘Made In Italy’ culinary exportation in war days and the menace that is the slow build-up of low-cost knock-offs.

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