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Nespresso launches 'Cafecito de Puerto Rico'

The brand stands by farmers with the project 'Reviving origins'

Nespresso launches 'Cafecito de Puerto Rico' in Italy, its first Puerto-rican coffee. The new product is part of the 'Reviving origins' project, that aims at renovating the coffee production in regions where it's been threatened. In Italy, it will contribute to the Vertuo Line products. 

After Colombia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Congo, thanks to the Reviving origins project, born in 2019, it's now Puerto Rico's turn, where coffee is a fundamental part of local culture and of the nation's heritage, other than a form of sustenance for the island's economy. 

Through the program, Nespresso has been helping coffee farmers in Puerto Rico, that 5 years ago was severely damaged by the Maria and Irma hurricanes, to rebuild their farms and to recover from the damages brand by the hurricanes. In Puerto Rico, Nespresso partners with over 400 farms, with the goal of sustaining 1500 by the end of 2022.

The support started in 2018, when the company started partnering with the Hispanic Federation and the global non-profit organization Techno Serve. Thanks to this partnership, Nespresso has distributed new coffee plantations to local farmers as a replacement for the ones devastated by the hurricanes: the brand has also contributed to the education of Puerto Rican communities on sustainable coffee farming practices and commercial knowledge, with the goal of helping them better their quality and the overall coffee, increasing their income and bringing a new enthusiasm to the coffee industry.

The initiative is part of the much wider program Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality, the model of sustainable supplies launched in 2003 in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance ONG to actually contribute to social, economic and environmental welfare of the coffee community, engaging more than 140000 farmers throughout 18 nations.

Thanks to the Reviving origins project, the coffee lines that have been restored with Nespresso start in Sudan in 2011: in 2016, Nespresso announced the limited editions 'Aurora la Paz', which was the first coffee type from Caquetá, Colombia, and 'Cafecito de Cuba', the first cuban coffee to make its way to the US after more than 50 years. New coffee types from Zimbabwe and Colombia have been released in 2019, while in 2020, Nespresso has introduced Amaha awe Uganda as a new region, located in the Rwenzori mountains, and now Kahawa ya Congo from the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

'With Reviving origins, we take our commitment forward, to develop long-lasting partnerships with farmers, communities, and local governments - Nespresso Italia states -. The goal is to rebuild forms of sustainable subsistence for the communities of the countries involve, at the same time preserving the future of some of the most rare and refined coffees and for which we have invested, until now, 10 million of Swiss franks, equal to more than 10,2 million euros, starting 2019 and for a 5 year period.

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