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EU. Commissioner Wojciechowski against the Green Deal, and praises the Italian model

Brussels spokesperson distances himself: "His personal opinions"

If there is an important personality who is firmly pushing for change from Brussels, it is the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski . “There are national reasons and elements linked to European policies such as trade policies, reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) and Green deal”, declared the commissioner at the end of the event "New coordinates for the sustainability of EU agriculture", organized from Eunews and Gea.

Without mincing too many words, Wojciechowski communicates that, at the end of the legislature, we are working on "a package of measures that reduce some aspects of the Green Deal such as the suspension of the reduction of uncultivated land, such as the ban on cutting 50% of the use of pesticides".

“Security, stability, sustainability and solidarity” are the four key words identified by the commissioner for the future of European agriculture. In particular, "everything that produces food insecurity must not be proposed or introduced", underlines Wojciechowski , who, in his speech includes a message of esteem for our country: "I thank all the farmers, especially the Italian ones, for their work to food safety".

As for the second key word, "legal stability must be provided, which implies not too many changes in the rules of the CAP and stabilizing the common policy", as well as guaranteeing "income stability" for farmers. Sustainability "is a great challenge, because it does not just concern the environment and climate", but the ability to remain on the market. In this sense, Italy, with its supply chain, is a successful experience, because, he explains, the local markets, the 'zero kilometer' system, are all examples of "a diversification that is important". Coming to the last key word, Wojciechowski returns to praise the Bel Paese: solidarity, he states, must exist "not only between countries but between farmers, and in this sense Italy can offer an excellent example with cooperatives", as well as " solidarity between farmers and consumers".

“We must recommend the Italian experience for the future of politics, with mixed production”, adds Wojciechowski , underlining that “the EU is the largest food exporter in the world”, and in this “made in Italy makes an important contribution in this, with its wines” and with all its products. “For productivity we need large companies”, but when it comes to agriculture “we should safeguard the traditional model made up of small and medium-sized family-run businesses”, concludes the European Commissioner for Agriculture.

Subsequently, it was the European Commission itself, through one of its spokespersons Olof Gill , who distanced itself from Wojciechowski , claiming that his words reflect his personal opinion and do not reflect the position of the EU executive. According to Gill , the commissioner was not speaking on behalf of the entire Commission, insisting that agriculture and climate policy can go hand in hand.

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