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Sigep participates in the XII European Artisan Ice Cream Day

The 2024 season of artisanal ice cream officially opens on March 24th: many events during the year

Sigep (the annual international exhibition of artisanal ice cream, pastry, bakery and coffee organized by the Italian Exhibition Group) could not fail to be there to celebrate the XII European Day of artisanal ice cream on 24 March, the only one that the European Parliament has dedicated to a food... An anniversary full of initiatives that pave the way for the 2024 season of artisanal ice cream, which promises to be rich in taste but also in culture and solidarity, thanks to the numerous events that will enliven Italian and European cities throughout the year starting from Sunday 24th.

The busy calendar of events dedicated to one of the most loved gastronomic products in the world was presented yesterday evening at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, where Mirco Carloni , president of the XIII Agriculture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, spoke; Domenico Belmonte , president of Artglace; Ferdinando Buonocore , president of the Campania Ice Cream Makers Committee; Claudio Pica , general secretary of the Italian Ice Cream Makers Association; Carlotta Fabbri , president of the ice cream products group of the Italian Food Union; Marco Cavedagni , president of Acomag and moderated by Nicola Prudente (aka Tinto ) presenter of Rai Radio 2, Decanter and Camper Rai 1.

Also presented, in the presence of the ministers, was the "Gaufre de Liège", an ice cream flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, enriched with a salted butter ripple and accompanied by a waffle, chosen by Belgium as Flavor of the Year 2024 .

Some of the events in Italy

For the past twelve years, European Artisanal Ice Cream Day has been a unique opportunity to enhance this product and promote artisanal knowledge, as well as the development of an important sector for the European economy (10 billion euros in turnover in 2023 and 65 thousand points sales which employ as many as 300 thousand workers). And already before March 24th there are various initiatives that celebrate it. After having seen the "Gaufre de Liège" already protagonist at the Bit in Berlin and in Valdobbiadene for the Antica Fiera di San Gregorio, tomorrow Saturday 23 March, the Taste of the Year will rise to 2,475 meters for "Gelato at high altitude" in the Ampezzo area and protagonist of an initiative in Udine.

Also supporting the day are prestigious entities such as the "Contaminazioni Stellate" Gelato Academicians, the "Gelato Veneto" Association, the "I Magnifici del gelato" Association, the Italian Ice Cream Makers Association, the "Masters of Italian Gelato" Association, the "Oltre il gusto" Association, CNA, Campania Ice Cream Makers Committee, National Confartigianato, Italian Ice Cream Makers Federation, GA – National Committee for the Defense and Dissemination of Artisanal and Home-Produced Ice Cream, GAT – Artisan Ice Cream Makers of the Triveneto, GW – Milano Gelato Week, Acomag – Machine Manufacturers Association Furnishings and Equipment for Gelato, Carpigiani Challenge, Gelato Festival World Masters, MiG – Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, and Sigep – Italian Exhibition Group.

Also on Sunday 24th, “Gaufre de Liège” again at the 43rd edition of Agrimont in Longarone Fiere Dolomiti curated by Confartigianato Veneto. While in Naples the Campani Gelatieri Committee will give life to the project "Actions to prevent and combat school dropout". The program includes activities on the production process of artisanal ice cream and allows students to present their work at the end of the course. Also in Campania there are numerous initiatives spread throughout the 2024 season.

Furthermore, in April ConGelato will once again support Gelato Day during the second edition of the Milan Gelato Week, while in Capri, on the occasion of the "La match of the heart" the tasting of the Flavor of the Year will be held. Artisanal ice cream is also the protagonist in other various events including the regional selections of the "Vittorio Bartyan" competition, reserved for students of hotel and professional training institutes, which will take place from May to 20 November.

In Europe

There are also numerous appointments in the rest of Europe. In Spain, the ANHCEA will organize meetings with Spanish politicians in Alicante and Madrid, where the history of Gelato Day will be explained and the “Gaufre de Liège” will be presented. The 12th edition of Gelato Day, with tastings of “Gaufre de Liège”, will be the protagonist of the presentations organized by the Association Royale des Artisans Glaciers Francophones Belges in Belgium in March, and of those of AGIA – Association of Italian Ice Cream Makers in Austria at Italian Embassy in Vienna in April, and at the Austrian Parliament in May. Finally, on 2 June, on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, the presentation of the twelfth European Artisan Ice Cream Day will be held at the Embassy in Berlin with tasting of the Flavor of the Year by UNITEIS and V. – Association of ice cream makers craftsmen in Germany.

Even more: to reveal all the secrets of making excellent artisanal ice cream, Artglace invites master ice cream makers from all over Europe to open the doors of their laboratories and get involved in the third edition of the video contest dedicated to the Flavor of the Year.

"Proud to have brought artisanal ice cream to the Chamber of Deputies, an Italian product that enhances an entire supply chain and involves the agricultural sector, from the production of milk to the different types of fruit. In fact, the ice cream comes from our best raw materials and the expertise of the companies that transform these ingredients, promoting and selling Italian quality, creativity and local excellence around the world", commented the Honorable Carloni .

«This year too - states Flavia Morelli , group exhibition manager of the food&beverage division of the Italian Exhibition Group -, SIGEP enthusiastically supports Gelato Day, an event of strategic importance to promote the consumption of artisanal ice cream in Europe. As organizers of the most important professional fair in the world dedicated to ice cream and sweet foodservice, we strongly believe in this initiative and in the importance of creating a system with all the players - ice cream makers, companies, associations and institutions - of such a strategic supply chain for Made in Italy".

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