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Monari Federzoni's Forte: The new wine vinegar with 8 ° of acidity from

The Modena-based company offers the highest alcohol content to date on the market

"Forte" is not only the name of the new Monari Federzoni vinegar, but it is the key adjective to describe the composition of this new product. The Monari company presents the first Strong White Wine Vinegar and Strong Red Wine Vinegar with 8 ° of acidity, the highest alcohol content currently on the market. The Modena-based company is known for the production of its balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI, various drinks and condiments that increasingly expand the vast range presented by Monari and its "Gli Artigianali" line.

The high quality distinguishes the company's products, as well as the use of 100% Italian grapes. The Strong White Wine Vinegar and the Strong Red Wine Vinegar with 8 ° of acidity, come to life in the historic Modenese headquarters of Monari Federzoni and are aged in fine wood barrels. The products are distinguished by their strong aromas and strong taste, they possess exclusive organoleptic properties and characteristics and enjoy an exceptional acidity. They are excellent products for the preparation of sauces, marinating meat and fish and dressing salads.

“Aceto di Vino Forte - explains Matteo Candotto , Commercial Director Monari Federzoni Spa - is born from the desire to innovate and enhance a category, that of wine vinegar, which over the years has lost its capacity to differentiate to the detriment of the price lever alone. A path that at Monari Federzoni we are pursuing with determination, paying great attention to the new needs and methods of consumption and to the increasingly central role recognized today in the kitchen of commonly used but high quality ingredients".

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