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Nutella Biscuit, the best-selling biscuit in Italy

One billion individual biscuits sold, also "in tubes" from 2021

One year after its launch on the Italian market, Nutella Biscuits breaks through the wall of 1 billion biscuits sold in Italy. Ferrero had assumed to reach 25 million packages sold, more than 47 million have been sold. The product was purchased by over 7 million families along the boot and has become the best-selling reference in the biscuit market in Italy.

To celebrate this success comes the approval of the investment for the construction of a new production line, as technologically advanced as the first, again in the Italian plant in Balvano, which will join the recently built one and which will double the production capacity. with the aim of satisfying both internal demand and serving new markets not yet covered. The planned investment, of over 80 million euros, is added to the amount already allocated for the first production line. This will be accompanied by a further increase in the employment dimension, bringing the additional contribution in terms of new personnel dedicated to the production of Nutella Biscuits, on both lines, to over 230 people overall. New jobs in Italy, in Basilicata, possible thanks to the success of the product.

Alessandro d'Este, president and Ad Ferrero commercial Italy commented: "Our most sincere thanks go to our consumers and our commercial partners, because only thanks to them it was possible to achieve such a great success, which went beyond our already ambitious expectations. And our apologies always go to them, if this overwhelming success has exceeded our sales estimates, causing in the first months after launch the discomfort of an empty or stormed shelf or the disappointment of not being able to buy a packaging of Nutella Biscuits. In 2021 we will launch a new format, in a tube, a practical package to taste the product where the consumer prefers, to satisfy the demand which is confirmed at constantly high levels ".

A year ago, over 1000 employees of the company reached, as ambassadors, over 4,000 points of sale throughout Italy to present and taste the latest product born in Ferrero's home. A launch that the company has defined: "from People to People". A first passing of the baton, from those who contributed to the development of Nutella Biscuits to those who would then choose it every day. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the consumers, the tenacity of the employees and the collaboration of the commercial partners of the organized distribution, the product has exceeded all sales records, going beyond the rosiest expectations, for what has been defined as the greatest product launch. of the history of modern distribution.

Angelo Massaro, general manager Iri, said: “The launch of Nutella Biscuits on the Italian market is to be considered the most important in the history of consumer goods in Italy since we have the data. One year after its launch on the market, it has achieved over 141 million euros in sell out, from launch to 25 October 2020, with a share of approximately 8.5% of the biscuit market. Considering that the biscuit market in Italy has grown by 13%, or by 185 million Euros in absolute value, it is evident that the growth is driven by over 75% by Nutella Biscuits ”.

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